Thursday, December 31, 2009

Hey Lisa: I have an Idea!!!

Hey Lisa (of Craftingbymoonlight and SeventyTwoStitches on etsy), I have an idea. I think I know how we can store all of our yarn, look at this wall!!!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

NCSI?! ...That's me!!!

I was at the gas station yesterday and the cashier lady said I reminded her of the CSI Lab Tech. I had no clue who she was talking about but thanked her anyway. I looked her up this morning, and I have a vague idea why! Nice hair NCSI Lab Tech Lady!!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Drug of Choice: Caffeine

I have found myself lately thinking about a glass of wine to calm the nerves a bit and relax, but always decide to opt for the caffeine instead, not wanting to feel too tired to accompish all that needs to be done!!!
As I grow older, I have become aware of a bit of Christmas irony. During the Christmas season we all become much worse people. It's true, this probably includes you.
We run around town hectically and impatiently acting like a bunch of jerks. We drive more impatiently. Get easily frustrated as our patience is tested to its limits. We impatiently tap our feet at the post office, as the line continues it's stretch out the door. (Thank you USPS for being open on Christmas Eve!!!) Oh Lord, please forgive me, because I am no exception...but there is just so much to do!!! I don't even host Christmas at my house!!! Thank God for coffee!!!

...Now that it's Christmas eve, all the ends are coming together. The to do list is done!!! Christmas is here!!! It's time to relax and enjoy the products of our hard work!!!
This is the season to celebrate the news that the Savior is born, we are all saved from the consequences of our sins. The dude that had been prophesied about for thousands of years has been born. The scriptures are real!! It's all true!!! Our savior is born, let's celebrate!!!

Merry Christmas every one!!!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Etsy in the New York Times!!!


Etsy was covered in the New York Times (click!!) on Wednesday!!! Woo hoo!!! Gotta love the EtSy!!
They chronicled the daily goings on of several felllow EtSians, such as Yokoo, Byrd and Belle and Paloma's Nest. Love it!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Supply run!!!

Last night Johnny took care of the kids and I ran out to buy some supplies. I love supplies. When it comes to crafty supplies, you must resist the urge to buy things to make stuff you'll never have the time to get to..... this is not my forte'. I got sucked in to the fabric remnant section and came out with $15 of fabulously bold-colored fleece. I got a lot of fleece for $15. Hold on, I'll take a pic...

I have some ugly dolls in mind.

I also got some supplies for more light sabers since the last ones were such a hit!! My kids are super pumped. I think I better start cranking these things out... and buy some red yarn. I'm out of red yarn. (Man, I never realized how much crochet would occur when pottery went on hiatus.)You are looking at the interior of 15 to-be light sabers.
Light sabers
I also managed to buy some Christmas cards while I was out.We'll just see which one you guys get. I'm trying to Hack into the Santa files right now, just for the sake of accuracy. You don't want to alarm anyone unnecessarily.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday...Mailbox Jackpot!!!

I got my necklace I ordered from
So stinkin' cute!!! Thanks Artibility!!!
He was freezin' his tentacles off all weekend in my mailbox. He was in there since Saturday, and I only checked the mail on monday. Poor David the Octopus. I think I'll make his some hot cocoa.

This is surely a sign that I am Christmas slacking!!!
I have to wrangle up those kids and snap a shot before the snow melts.

I got my sweater stone.

Dudes, I am not kidding when I say this thing is fabulous. It leaves behind some sweater-stone dust, so bring a broom... but your clothing will look fabulous. Thank you SweaterStone!!!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Larkbooks: the final cut

I have butterflies in my belly
Shipping out the submission today.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

How to Tuesday: Felting

I know, I know...I missed Tuesday. You bastards keep pointing this out. Contrary to my fortune cookie, I have not "Achieved Perfection". I got that stinkin' fortune over five years ago and I am still waiting. Maybe the Chinsese definition of "soon" is much different than I had perceived.

Here PrettyLittle, from Etsy, gives us a little window into her process of making adorable felted baby booties.
I was always curious about felting. I did not know you could throw stuff in a washer and viola!!! Felted booties!! Here's a "how to" on felting...(read it!!) I must now go buy some wool yarn.

Have a Happy Day!!!!
... Love, PrettyPeapod