Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Supply run!!!

Last night Johnny took care of the kids and I ran out to buy some supplies. I love supplies. When it comes to crafty supplies, you must resist the urge to buy things to make stuff you'll never have the time to get to..... this is not my forte'. I got sucked in to the fabric remnant section and came out with $15 of fabulously bold-colored fleece. I got a lot of fleece for $15. Hold on, I'll take a pic...

I have some ugly dolls in mind.

I also got some supplies for more light sabers since the last ones were such a hit!! My kids are super pumped. I think I better start cranking these things out... and buy some red yarn. I'm out of red yarn. (Man, I never realized how much crochet would occur when pottery went on hiatus.)You are looking at the interior of 15 to-be light sabers.
Light sabers
I also managed to buy some Christmas cards while I was out.We'll just see which one you guys get. I'm trying to Hack into the Santa files right now, just for the sake of accuracy. You don't want to alarm anyone unnecessarily.


  1. Nice!..or I mean Naughty!...yes, definatly naughty for our household!
    Love the light sabors!........c.

  2. Yay for supply shopping. Isn't so much fun. I can easily spend $100 at Joann's or Michael's.

  3. Those light sabers are awesome!!!