Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Agog Arts...

Tomorrow I am taking the kids to the zoo and the goods to the shop. A charming little shop in town wants to sell Pretty Peapod gear!!! Tomorrow we are off to check out Agog Arts!! I am looking forward to seeing the shop in person, the website gives me an impression that it is a pretty cool little shop! They feature a lot of quirky artsy stuff and local artists' work from around town. The tots will be in tow, so I hope they behave!! Tomorrow is gonna be 70 degrees!!


  1. Ha Ha! This is too funny. That same store contacted me about doing a consignment! I didn't feel comfortable doing that, but I'm hoping to do a wholesale order with them in the fall! It would be pretty cool to have both our items in the same store! That would be neat-o!

  2. The lady was not in yesterday, trying again today. She is preggers (the is some sort of baby boom going on, seriously, I know 10, maybe 11 people)so her schedule is a little unpredictable.

  3. I did it!! The owner is the best and it took 2 1/2 trips to the store (the last half because I caught myself before I drove off, but did have to turn the stroller around and walk back) to accomplish everything I needed to do. (paperwork, bring stuff, bring display, pick up box i forgot in the entry)... I always am a bit of a tornado when traveling with kids. I want to pay attention to my surrounding and ongoings, but am always distracted by my two eyeballs watching the littles bounce all over the place and hope they don't destroy anything. (Heather's birthday gift bag was decided on by Juneau ripping it off the shelf :D)