Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Commerce clause vs. the freedom to grow your own food

Are we free to grow a home veggie garden? Is this an area of our lives that is safe? I would think so... but in Wickard vs. Filburn, 1942- the Supreme Court ruled that a farmer does not have the freedom to grow and consume his own crops because of its effects on "commerce"... in other words, if everyone grew their own food, the food industry would suffer. Where in the Constitution does it allow the federal government to regulate backyard gardens? The Commerce Clause, of course!!!

As seen today, the Commerce Clause is used to allow the government to regulate just about anything. Are there any limits on the federal government? Does such an interpretation of the Commerce Clause completely nullify the 9th and 10th amendments in our Bill of rights?


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  2. My bad, I posted on the wrong article. As for this one... FIGHT THE POWER, GROW A PUMPKIN!!!