Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Watch this.... I dare you to not be inspired.

I have discovered the 'There's no place like here' category on the You Tube Etsy channel. They tour the homes of Etsy artisans... I found this one particularly inspirational. The interiors of these homes are amazing. I am now looking at every corner of my home, and it should feel threatened... because it is. Every inch of my home should now feel very worried and afraid, because it is in extreme danger of redecoration... Extreme redecoration.

I don't know if I could handle living with so many people, but it certainly has its charms.


  1. Man, that was cool. I can't wait to own a home and do some neat stuff to it!
    I could never live with that many people... I wonder if they're swingers? ;)

  2. Wierd-I am currently obsessing over redecorating, mainly my room. Kadence's room with its disgusting pepto bismol pink is on my list too! I have some ideas picked for my room that I just need to carry out, these ideas always get put on the backburner but I would love my room to be finished by Christmas time if possible!