Wednesday, July 21, 2010


These days it seems we all want some sort of change. I just got finished reading a manifesto yesterday written by the Weather Underground in the 1960's. They wanted change. (I wish I could say they were irrelevant now, but they are still hard at work, and have some pretty powerful connections.)

I was pondering the differences between their change and my change and realized a beautiful thing... the change I want does not have to be talked about in secret. It does not have to be manipulated to be sold to the public. It does not have to be plotted out for 100 years through progress so it will not seem abhorrent to the public. It can be talked about openly and be achieved through truth, because it is not abhorrent to those who discover it's truths. That has to be some sort of advantage, right?!

In the paper, they singled out women and emphasized the need to make them abandon their roles as wife-mother... to make them feel oppressed by their husbands and society. To break down morals, and family structure. They also singled out the youth and taught them that school was a prison, rather than a place of opportunity. They singled out blacks and told them that they were oppressed, and will always be oppressed unless they overthrew our capitalist system. They sowed discontent, for the sake of social unrest. Now we all feel a bit dissatisfied with our lives, and we wonder why. We've been fed lies for the last 50 years!

The wife-mothers are the bonds of society that hold the thing together. We are not oppressed, we have chosen to take on a beautiful God given responsibility of raising a family and providing a husband and children a place of order to call their home.

We can rejoice because to stand up for families, children, capitalism requires no dark corner.

Capitalism is an economy's natural state, to change it needs planning... and as example after example shows, we do not know enough about the workings of the subtleties and natural laws of economics to make a planned economy work. We are being sold a planned economy under the false name of capitalism, and being told capitalism is dead when their planning does not work. They are convincing us to abandon capitalism (economic freedom) willingly (because of course it has failed) and offering us a system of their planning... remember to say thank you!

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