Thursday, July 22, 2010


I'm a bit late on this, but why is this the design for the United 93- 9/11 memorial in Pennsylvania. This world is freakin' crazy!!! Apparently I missed this story in 2005, it is being built by our National Park Service, and the crash site is in the center. It is titled, "The Crescent of Embrace".

“What next–a holocaust memorial in the shape of a swastika?”- Bryan Preston


So, I just checked out the National park website and apparently, "The current design for the memorial is a modified version of the entry Crescent of Embrace by Paul and Milena Murdoch."
So, it has been modified a bit since 2005, but the design chosen from among many was still this one. How did they alter it? They just closed in the crescent a bit to be more of a circle and changed the name... oh that should be totally fine then.... Don'tcha think!?

Oh, and another insignificant bit of info... the first phase of construction is slated for completion on Sept. 11, 2011... the same day as the 13 story Ground Zero mosque in NYC.

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