Monday, November 22, 2010

Cheapskates Unite!! Let's hit those sales!

Cotton, corn and oil prices are going through the roof, but the prices have not yet hit the sales shelves!!! The rising prices are a result of our weakening dollar, and they are only going to get worse from here. They have only just begun, and on everything! Can you think of ANYTHING that does NOT involve cotton, corn or oil in some way? (Hint: everything must be driven to your local store, and most animals eat corn.)

You have probably heard of all the "quantitative easing" (aka money printing!!) that the fed is doing these days. These two events are not unrelated.
Quantitative easing weakens the dollar (prints money, increasing the amount of dollars in the market, and decreases the value of each dollar) and results in higher prices. In other words, inflation.

So, what do we do when we know prices are going up? Stock up now!!

Here is the fun part... everything you buy now is effectively on sale!! Especially this week, since it is the week of Thanksgiving, everything is literally on sale!

You don't want to take these truths and stock up on purses and perfume. You want this information so you can stock up on the essentials! I am talking food and clothes. If there is anything you know you will need in the future, buy it now! If it is non-perishable,it is in your best interest to go grocery shopping for the entire year and buy kids clothes for them to grow into.. coats, shoes, basics. It's all cheaper now than when you are going to actually need it. So hit those sales and go get those black Friday specials, and try to stay away from that half-off big screen that is screaming your name, because stuff is about to get really expensive out there, you are going to need that cash!

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  1. I'm with you sista! I'm definitely going to stock up on sugar, rice, oil, stuff like that!
    Oh, btw.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Love you.