Thursday, November 4, 2010

We're doing it!!

I just registered for the Robby Dawkins Conference at the Vineyard Church of North Grands Rapids!! I am pretty excited about this!! We were shown this clip at church a couple months ago and I am really excited about what simple Love looks like when put into action. Unfortunately many churches portray a bit of condemnation rather than follow the biggest commandment we were given, love!!

Last night that fact kinda hit me. A friend of mine was telling me how her son has always felt the desire to be a youth pastor, and after a youth pastor internship he was turned off by the legalism and condemnation he felt. He has been wandering ever since. I realized how many people have turned from God and His church due to the concentration on legalism and condemnation that many churches portray, and how complicated it is sometimes to keep simple. Jesus came to remove condemnation and for the forgiveness of our sins, and we just keep insisting on concentrating on sinfulness and condemning people.

God's message to Robby was, "Keep it simple, love them, and let Me change them!" We always think it is our job to change the sinners, but it is not! We do not have to praise the sin, but others sin is not an excuse to turn them away from God or think that they are a lost cause. God is not deterred by our sin or unbelief, He knows how to handle it!

Love is the greatest commandment we have been given, and we have a hard time keeping it that simple. Our human nature is drawn to rules. Tell us what to do! Tell us what not to do! Give us something to do! ...And all we are told to do is believe the gospel and love! The simplicity leaves us scrambling and confused, and God keeps having to drag us back! Keep it simple!

Thank you to the Nelsons for watching the kids while we are away! It's an overnighter!


Also, we are going to a Ben Folds Concert this weekend with our dear friends, the Shavers. Thank you Pasqualis for watching the kids for Saturday night! Wow! Two weekends in a row! Luxurious!!!

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