Monday, January 25, 2010

Pondering Switzerland..

...France and Germany.Basel, Switzerland

Basel, Switzerland is positioned in the Swiss border of both France and Germany, and looks gorgeous!!! Johnny is going there on business in a few weeks, and I am pondering tagging along. I just submitted my passport application, expedited, and the Postal Worker looked at me like I was nuts when she realized the trip was in a few weeks. She actually thought it was a week farther away than it actually is. We'll see!!! I have studied convo threads on the internet for the last 15 minutes, and if my sources can be trusted it'll get here in the next 10 days or so. We'll see!! It should be a ton of fun!! It would be pretty sweet to get to go visit multiple countries in the same trip!

Until then, we've got some work to do!!

The mid-winter urge of renewal is still thriving. My hair is cut, my daughter's hair is cut, and the baby also got his very first hair cut. We are lookin' pretty snazzy.
I just got my labels in the mail (Thanks!!!) and they are beautiful. Now I've got some sewing to do!!

...I have also organized the cleaning products, hallway cabinet, daughter's room, baby toys, and pantry. Living room redecoration still in the works.


  1. Sounds like you've been busy! I need some of your motivation! I have no energy today... :/

  2. Umm...first of all, can you come to my house? You don't need your passport! My floors are so dusty because I can't bend over long enough to clean them. And as far as organization?...I haven't even gone through Amya's old clothes yet to see what gender nutral clothes the baby can wear! Nothing is organized OR clean!
    Second....I really hope you can go to Switzerland! I didn't even know my brother was going! That would rock it! ......c.