Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What's in the box?... and Gardens 2010

I bet every judge in that Competition will see this package coming from a mile away!!! I have been blog-surfing and found some other finalist pics. I packed up a neat little package with my yoda hat and sent it off, but it took some engineering and tetris extpertise to pack up the crochet reading nook into thier two ginormous packages!!! (P.S. It's a chair...shhh!!!)

The tots got a swing set this spring!! They love it!!
Fruit trees are in full bloom!! I am crossing my fingers that we wont get a hard freeze, because I want these plums gosh darn it!! This is the first year that the plum trees look like they are going to produce some goods! Last year we got 4 plums from one of them, and I fought over them with the local squirrel!!!
I got my greenhouse set up in its final location, and planted seeds directly in the ground within in, with a paver walkway in the middle!!! I love it!!! Now I can get those watermelons to grow... and peppers, tomoates, eggplants, melons!!! All the hot-loving stuff that usually doesn't like it this far north. It'll be fabulous!!!


  1. Hey Danielle, NICE JOB!!!! Love ya! Mrs. Pat

  2. You are my hero Danielle Nelson. I love you!!!!