Sunday, June 6, 2010

Gardening 101

Did you know that you can plant the leeks from the grocery store and eat them too?! I did not know this until Friday, and promptly went to the store, bought some leeks, cut off the bottom two inches (with the roots attached), stuck it in some dirt and went away for the weekend. I came back this evening (Sunday) and those stinking things already grew 1 1/2"!!! I just chopped up the rest of the leeks, added some salt and potatoes and am making up some soup. I can plant my leeks and eat them too!
Plus, the icing on the cake.... leeks are perennial. They will multiply and come back in my garden year after year.I have been gardening for a while now, maybe about 5 years, and I still have so much to learn. I am reading a great book, "Gardening when it counts", by Steve Solomon, and am only on chapter two. I have already learned so much. I just got to the chapter about using the proper garden tools and learned that my garden hoe is for weeding. Who knew? (don't answer that).Also, the deer are being a stinkin' pain in the butt this year!! AND this afternoon we discovered one of the reasons why! We saw our freakin' neighbor (with no gardens) throwing them freakin' apples (while trying to aim a bebe gun at their apple-eating rear ends [which may technically illegal this time of year]) Just to be clear, the bebe gun will not hurt the deer, they are stinking huge, it will only (at best) scare them away and (theoretically) train them not to return to this location. When my son did aim and hit one in the butt cheek, that stinking adorable garden monster ran about ten feet, then stopped and stared at us like we were idiots. We had brought a bebe gun to a food fight. (as opposed to 'a knife to a gun fight'... I don't know.. it seemed funny at the time... never mind. )


Our hosta garden looks like a stinkin' salad bar, our jerusalem artichokes are gnawed down to nubs, I saw them eating the apple tree BRANCHES!! I NEED MY FREAKIN' FENCE!! ( And new neighbors)
~love, Dani


  1. Venison with leek puree sounds delicious. I need to check out the leek thing and see if they will grow here, I have just recently started cooking with them. My garden looks like crap but I have some green beans, corn, squash, cukes and blueberries out there. Nothing ready to eat but I am trying to stay on top of things. Things look better now that the bunny can't get into the main garden and raid it.

  2. Ok, I feel your pain but they are pretty... DELICIOUS!!!

  3. Oh yeah.... that's some good stuff.
    I love leeks.

  4. They really are sooo beautiful! But they bite the tops off my daylilies, too. Yep...just get the fence. Mom