Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Vanna Contest: Results

June 7, 2010

RE: 2nd Annual Vanna’s Choice Contest

Dear Danielle,
I am excited to be able to share the good news that you have been selected as a Second Prize Winner in the Gifts & Crafts category in the 2nd Annual Vanna’s Choice contest.
Your entry, Crochet Reading Nook: Chair, Plant, and Taxidermy, was chosen from among thousands of creative and beautiful hand-crafted items made from Vanna’s Choice, Vanna’s Choice Baby, and/or Vanna’s Glamour yarns. On behalf of Michaels and the Lion Brand Yarn Company, I congratulate you on this exceptional achievement.

Your prize will be $500 USD. We will be sending your cash prize on or about August 1, 2010.
A photograph(s) of your entry will be posted to the contest website, VannasChioce.com. It may also be featured on the Michaels and Lion Brand websites, and in press releases about the contest. We hope you have enjoyed being involved in this contest as much as we have enjoyed seeing your work.

David Blumenthal
President and CEO
Lion Brand Yarn Company



  2. Yay Danielle! I knew you would place!
    I'm so glad that I discovered this contest for you.
    You are awesome.

  3. That is so cool!
    I just stumbled upon your blog through Etsy (you favorited my shop in January) and I absolutely adore your work. Too cute!!!
    -Carolyn Michelle

  4. SO COOL!!! Very nice, job well done Sis, I'm so proud!

  5. I had no doubt you would win something! Seriously though, whatever won first place must be friggin' amazing because I can't think of anything that is much cooler than a crochet reading nook. I was looking at last years entries and it's just a bunch of blankets with matching dolls. You totally stepped it up. Way to go!