Sunday, June 20, 2010

You think this is cute?!

You're wrong!!!

This is not a cute picture. This is a picture of someone about to be sued for property damage! This is the jerk that ate my plum tree!! (Well not the actual jerk, a facsimile from my local Google image search) I am sure that this little guy will grow up to be at least as big of b@&$*^& a@#$%& f%@#%^!!!

So, you probably need some back story to understand the depth of my fury. Yesterday, June 19th, 7pm, I came home with cayenne pepper spray and sprayed the hostas, jerusalem artichoke and other deer- eaten plants in the yard. So, good news.. the hostas and jerusalem artichoke are safe, for a few days until it rains, bad news.... the $11 bottle of pepper spray is almost gone and so are all the lower leaves of our brand new plum tree, 75% of our potato foliage, and 65% of my french sorrel!!! I was saving that sorrel!! I totally wanted to eat that sorrel, but I was growing it so it would go to seed and multiply like crazy!!! (This is when I hold down the shift key and start pressing numbers) !@#$%^&*( *))*^%#!!!!!! That is how I feel about the deer eating my vegetables. I want my vegetation back, plus $1,000,000,0000.51 for emotional trauma and damages.

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  1. That totally stinks! Too bad deer season is not until Oct! You should look up how to make your own pepper spray. (Although I tried it in the past and it did not work for me, but I was not dealing with deer so it might work for you) We fenced the whole garden in because everytime we had a veggie or fruit that was nearly ready to pick, someone else would get to it first. I would get super frustrated too! Hopefully nobody gets to my plants this year! Oh, my leeks are doing great and I planted my scallion roots the same way and they literally had growth overnight!